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Instant Mailing Services
Units 3&4
Pulsar Business Park
Ellis Square
Selsey, Chichester
West Sussex
PO20 0AF

IMS Limited is registered in England
No. 7252346

Common Sense Green

We actively seek to use best practice to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Building:

Our modern well insulated facility needs very little heating in the winter. We are cool in summer and require no air-conditioning. (we have windows which we open, if we ever get a summer).

Our Location:

Being on the coast (1km) we have a temperate climate, a little warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Our Materials:

Where possible we use materials from sustainable sources. Our plastics are recyclable and we no longer use solvent based inks.

Our polywrap system uses Polylite

*         Up to 47% lower raw material usage of an oil based product

*         Lower transport requirements

*         High quality extrusion process combined with less overall extrusion

*         47% less waste material

*         Quicker to degrade than standard poly

*         100% fully recyclable

Our laser compatible papers are from FSC Mix (Paper from responsible sources)

Our Recycling:

All our cardboard, paper and plastic is recycled by Trust Marley on the same trading estate. This means minimum transport and no cost. Even our pallets are collected and used to make sheds, flower pots and garden furniture!

Our Team:

We encourage our team to live as locally as possible and use sustainable means to get to work: Selsey is flat, so walking and cycling are easy!